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The RIMC/Sainik School Foundation Coaching Programme is designed to help students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to crack the RIMC entrance examination. The programme provides comprehensive and effective coaching to students from classes VI to VIII. It focuses on developing the students’ knowledge and understanding of the syllabus for the RIMC entrance examination. It also provides guidance to the students on the various aspects of the exam.


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The programme also provides practice tests and mock tests to the students. These help the students get an idea of the kind of questions that are likely to be asked in the examination. The practice tests and mock tests also help the students to identify their weak areas and work on them.

The programme also provides online resources and materials to the students. These include study notes, video lessons, and practice questions. These help the students to understand the topics better and prepare for the examination in a better way.

The RIMC Foundation Coaching Programme is an ideal platform for the students to prepare for the RIMC entrance examination. It helps the students to gain confidence and increase their chances of success in the examination.

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All our educators at Indian Defence Academy are highly trained and have the best skill to explain the most difficult concepts to students very generously. IDA regularly conducts test and training modules to educate the aspirants best for all exams with the latest and most relevant study material and notes.

Vinay Joshi

General Studies Faculty

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Shubham Kathait

English Faculty

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Reasoning and Aptitude Faculty

What Student Says

RITVIK (cleared NDA)

I have had a thriving experience at the Indian Defence Academy. It has been an integral part of my life with awesome memories and lessons of my life. It has played a crucial role in shaping my over all personality and to make me what I am right now. With all the facilities over there one can excel in their desired field. All the faculties are extremely supportive and put immense efforts into my preparation and that's how I got through this exam in a first go. I'll always be grateful to all my mentors for their time and support and wish my friends and juniors all the best. 'JAI HIND'

Prince Yadav (cleared NDA)

ndian Defence Academy stands as a pinnacle of excellence in NDA preparation. I am really grateful to IDA for their exceptional guidance and unwavering support in my NDA preparation. I wholeheartedly recommend IDA to all the aspiring candidates. I personally extend my sincere gratitude to all my teachers Vinay sir, Shubham sir and Shakti sir who not only teach us the subjects but also the values of life. Apart from regular classes and study schedule the most fun and relaxing part is physical exercise under the guidance of Thapa sir. It used to be full of fun and adventure.

Aditya Katara (cleared NDA)

Hello everyone, Indian Defence Academy Dehradun is a perfect academy for one's preparation for defence services . With regular classes offline and daily practice sessions online with supportive teachers gave a boost to my moral . The SSB classes conducted by Ex - Service officers helped a lot in building my personality moreover the physical training given by Ex - Service officer kept me physically and mentally fit . The healthy and safe hostel environment, the hygienic meals served in mess pushed my preparation. In the end I would again thank the faculty of Indian Defence Academy for making me believe in myself . Good luck to all . Jai Hind🇮🇳

Manas Maharaj (cleared NDA)

Indian Defence Academy builds up the confidence to crack any Defence exams. Here, I would like to share my experience as being an Indian Defence Academy cadet. There are specific faculty for every subject required in the Defence exams. The faculties are extremely supportive and friendly that we can ask our numbers of doubts anytime. I really appreciate this kind of environment within the campus where teacher and student can interact freely. Apart from academics classes there is a GTO session every week to help us in the SSB taken by Ex-service officers which eventually boost up our morale and help us to develop our personality like an officer. So count your steps, mark your destination. 'JAI HIND

Eshta Khantwal (cleared NDA)

Genuinely IDA is the best platform to crack any defence examination. I and my sister have been taking classes in IDA. IDA helped us to comprehend tha nature of and efforts required for the exam. I must appreciate the fact that the teachers here take great pains in their work. And the regular physical training here prepares a student mentally and physically strong and the SSB classes under the guidance of Ex-GTOs here makes student more focused towards their goal. I am happy to be a part of it Thankyou IDA and our dear teachers...I can assure you all that this is the best defence coaching in Dehradun.

Anshaditya Pandey (cleared NDA)

Joining the Indian Defence Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The academy provided me with top-notch training and education, as well as invaluable life lessons and character development. The instructors were highly experienced and dedicated, always pushing us to excel both physically and mentally. The academy not only prepared me for a career in the defense forces but also instilled in me a sense of patriotism and duty towards our nation. I am grateful for the incredible opportunities and experiences I had at the Indian Defence Academy. It truly transformed me into a confident and disciplined individual ready to serve my country.


RIMC Exam Info

  • The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) Foundation Coaching Programme was established in 2020 with the aim of providing an opportunity to the students to prepare for the RIMC entrance examination. The RIMC entrance examination is conducted for admission to the Rashtriya Indian Military College Dehradun.