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About Us

Indian Defence Academy in Dehradun is the Best NDA Coaching Institute in Dehradun. Indian Defence Academy was created by bringing together experts from different fields, with a wide experience teaching defence courses, to successfully guide aspiring candidates. IDA is considered by students as the Best Institute for the Defence exam coaching in Dehradun. It is the premier defence institute in dehradun coaching young aspirants to be successful officers in Indian Defence Services and be an asset to the Nation. Indian Defence Academy has been a motivating force for the youth of India to join the Indian Armed Forces. The focus at IDA is on imparting good education to defence aspirants so that they succeed in the Armed Forces.  Indian Defence Academy Dehradun not only provides best NDA coaching but also comfortable best NDA coaching in Dehradun with hostel accommodations. Our  approach ensures that aspirants receive quality education and a secure living environment, fostering academic excellence and personal growth

The mission at IDA is to help the highest number of students to achieve their goal of serving the nation by becoming an officer in the Indian Defence Forces. At Indian Defence Academy we focus on discipline and hard work for quality learning. The institute is enriched with highly experienced and dedicated faculty members whose devotion, dedication and expertise is exemplary. Indian Defence Academy is an institute which provides excellent teaching and training to the aspirants wishing to serve the nation by joining Indian Armed Forces (Army/Air Force/Navy) under commissioned and non-commissioned category.

Reasons why Indian Defence Academy is considered the best Defence Academy in Dehradun

  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty– They are having the most highly experienced and knowledgeable type of faculty are their platform and they will be helping you perfectly with your education as they are having the most amazing type of knowledge and experience of the courses. Provides all the necessary defence paper courses– They are having all the different type of defence paper courses available at their platform and you will be finding the best type education from them, for every type of defence course. They are providing with the courses related to NDA, CTS and many more.
  • IDA gives best SSB Coaching because of a highly group of mentors who are retired defence services mentors. Assist properly for your exams– They can assist you properly for your exams as they will be helping you perfectly regarding the proper preparation of your exam. They will be guiding you properly at every step of the preparation.
  • IDA helps you in every sphere– They can help you in every sphere of preparation, you can find that there will be helping you regarding every type of problem and every type of query related to the internal and external type of problems in the studying and they will be helping you out with every problem